These are examples of some of the firm’s recent verdicts and settlements. These results are not a prediction, warranty, or guarantee regarding any matter. The likely outcome of any given case is dependent on its own unique set of facts and circumstances.

$5 million – Assault & Battery

Assault and battery committed by on-duty San Francisco Paratransit driver, resulting in complicated mild traumatic brain injury. The client did not lose any income, and incurred less than $2,000 in medical bills, but his friends and family noticed that since the attack, he was not quite the same person. The defense offered $0 throughout the case until we showed up ready to start trial. The defendants then paid the entire $5 million policy limits.

$3.1 million – Premises Liability

Client was struck by a stray bullet from a gunfight that broke out after a funeral for a reputed gangster. Claims were asserted against the organizations that operate the venue, as well as the company hired to provide security. The settlement was for the defendants’ combined insurance policy limits.

$2.9 million

Confidential settlement.

$1.5 million

Confidential settlement.

$1 million – Injury at Daycare

Client suffered a head injury while at daycare. The daycare operator denied wrongdoing but
evidence suggested the client was injured intentionally. Settlement was for the daycare’s entire
insurance policy limits.

$971,000 – Negligent Security & Insurance Broker Malpractice

Negligent security lawsuit against a bar resulted in a $5.8 million judgment after trial. We then sued the bar’s insurance broker for failing to disclose an “assault and battery” exclusion in the bar’s policy. We recovered the broker’s entire $1 million policy limits, minus legal fees the broker incurred prior to settlement.

$900,000 – Prison Suicide

Federal civil rights lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
for failing to prevent the suicide death of client’s father, who was a mentally ill inmate.

$500,000 – Drunk Driving Car Crash

Client was an unbelted passenger in a vehicle operated by a drunk driver. Client suffered a
concussion and a facial laceration that resulted in a small scar. The total medical bills were under

$450,000 – Service of Alcohol to a Minor & Negligent Security

After finishing his shift at Applebee’s, Client was stabbed several times by a 19-year-old who was served numerous alcoholic beverages by another restaurant employee earlier that evening. Neither the restaurant nor the mall where it was located had any security guards on duty at the time of the attack, despite numerous violent incidents at the premises. The case settled five days before trial.

$381,250 – Battery

Intentional tort lawsuit arising out of the shooting death of our client’s father. The settlement included payment of the defendant’s entire homeowner’s insurance policy limits plus a substantial personal contribution from the defendant.


Confidential settlement.


Confidential settlement.

$247,500 – False Arrest & Unlawful Strip Search

Strip search conducted by the San Francisco Police Department of an innocent man mistakenly believed to be involved in a drug deal.

$210,000 – False Arrest and First Amendment Violation

False arrest of a woman for exercising her First Amendment right to free speech in a Facebook posting.

$190,000 – False Arrest

Police officers arrested client based on mistaken identity, as a result of their failure to conduct an
adequate investigation. Client was held for 45 minutes and released, but suffered significant
emotional distress as a result of the ordeal.

$150,000 – Assault & Battery, Civil Rights Violations

Client was punched and pepper sprayed by an on-duty San Francisco parking control officer.

$135,000 – Illegal Search and Seizure

Unlawful search of a business and temporary seizure of its property without a warrant.

$125,000 – Excessive Force

Excessive use of force committed by a San Francisco Police officer who struck our client in the head with a metal police baton.

$100,000 – Excessive Force

Excessive use of force by law enforcement who denied medical attention to our client and instead forced him to walk to a police car on a fractured leg.