These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

"Joseph is an intellectual, a creative, and a determined advocate for justice. He makes himself available for my calls, walks me through the legalese in an approachable way, and expertly navigates the details of my otherwise non-traditional case.  Joseph's tenacious work ethic, professional relationships, and affable nature make the legal process palatable and possible; especially for those of us who, unexpectedly but necessarily, find ourselves in the battle of our lives."
– J. A.

“I was not looking forward to my first interaction with the US legal system, but working with Joseph was a delight: he was approachable and ‘non-lawyery’ but handled the case with professionalism and integrity and won a very satisfactory settlement. He was extremely transparent throughout and I felt well informed to make any decisions. He is a good person who puts integrity over money and fights for justice [and] the good cause."
– G. M. 

"I was in need of a civil rights lawyer and I was referred to Joseph May.  I felt my legal matter was given the highest quality of legal service.  I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case with Mr. May. I have already referred him to friends and would highly recommend him to others."
– K. D. 

"After spending several agonizing weeks trying to convince multiple law firms my case had merit, only to be shown the door, I was so very lucky to come across Joseph May. He not only took on my case, while handling a heavy workload, he made every effort to keep me informed and aware about the process of litigation and how I played a part in the situation as a whole. His visceral work ethic and relentless attention to detail are just a few attributes that stand out, but what stood out the most is his unwavering respect for the Law itself. After working with Joseph for over a year, I leave with retribution, wisdom, and now, a new friend. I can't say enough to express how very satisfied and grateful I am to have worked with the Law Office of Joseph May. He's simply a winner."
– G. H.

"Working with Joseph was an excellent, successful and professional experience. He was there for me every step of the way in my car accident case, helped me find a good chiropractor, and won me the settlement I wanted. I'm ever thankful."
– B. S.

"Joseph is not your ‘normal lawyer' he is fair, listens to his clients for input, and is reasonably priced. We worked with Joseph on several cases. He won them both. You will find him very much ‘down to earth.'
– G. U.

"Joseph is one of the most impressive lawyers who I have worked with in my over 24 years as a licensed attorney. In the three cases in which we have served as co-counsel, Joseph has displayed his many talents: hard worker, gifted writer, relentless, detail oriented, and last but not least, an effective speaker in court. Joseph gets my highest compliment as a fellow attorney; I would go to him if I had a legal problem that I could not solve on my own."
– B. G.

"Joseph is a skilled, dedicated, and savvy attorney. He works tirelessly for his clients and adheres to a high standard of ethics. I've had the pleasure of co-counseling with Joseph on civil rights cases, which involved complex and nuanced issues; we worked hard, collaborated effectively, and achieved terrific results – substantial settlements – for our clients in each case. Joseph's litigation skills are first-rate."
– S. S.